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Grövelsjöfjällen Turistförening, GTF is an association of companies, people who lives in the area and other people who are interested in the area. GTF is responsible for the content of this homepage.

At the links STAY &  EAT, TO DO, SERVICE and COME HERE you will find information about the area. You can also get information about activities and arrangements as well as tourist information.


You can reach the turistinformation by mail info@grovelsjon.com or contact one of our turistinformation centers in the area.Do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions and information

about sightseeing places, activities and information about accomodation.

The easiest way to come in contact with us is by email info@grovelsjon.com. you can also download our servicelist for more information and phonenumbers:

Servicelista >>

Tourist information centers

If you like more information about Grövelsjöfjällen, please contact in if our 6 Infopoints:

Lövåsgårdens Fjällhotell


Storsätra Fjällhotell



STF Grövelsjöns Fjällstation


At the parking place with the groceries Fjällbua in Storsätern you will find a board with a lot more information about the area.

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Grövelsjöfjällen Turistförening

E-post: info@grovelsjon.com





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