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 Grövelsjöfjällen - alla tiders fjäll!

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Summer Hiking


ledkryss hjortron skyltar


Summer is the prime time for alpine hiking in the Grövelsjö mountains. Our alpine region is close and accessible, so you don't need to take multi-day trips to experience the sense of freedom. Our trails stretch for miles, quickly taking you into grand alpine tundra environments. You can enjoy the view from nearby tops or stroll across vast heaths. The views continually vary as the sun sets behind the Norwegian mountains to the west, over reindeer grazing lands.

Perhaps you'll be tempted to take a trip up Storvätteshågna, the highest peak in central Swedish Svealand, which at 1,204 meters above sea level, or to one of the more dramatic tops just across the border in Norway.

The hiking guide '23 turer på egen hand' (23 Hikes you can take on your own), reprinted in 2013, has several great suggestions. It is available for purchase at all facilities and in Fjällbua!

Get inspired by our summer film Grövelsjöfjällen! (Grövelsjö mountains)



Maps: Lantmäteriet's (The Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority's) traditional mountain maps W 51 Grövelsjön 1:50 000, W2 Fulufjället-Sälen 1:100 000, W1 Grövelsjön-Lofsdalen 1:100 000. Visit Lantmäteriet's webpage>>

New for 2015 is the Outdoor map Rogen-Grövelsjön-Idre 1 : 75 000, a very good map covering a large area (Rogen-Grövelsjön-Idre-Sonfjället-Högvålen-Elgå-Lofsdalen-Nipfjället-Fjätervålen), made in waterproof material. Visit www.outdoorkartan.se

At Calazo you can find very good maps that last the duration of your hikes, waterproof maps sized 50x70 or 70x100 cm, scale 1:100 000. With the Calazo kartor app (Calazo maps) you also have the opportunity to purchase maps of the area directly to your iPhone or iPad. You don't need mobile coverage to use the map and find your exact position. 

For the Norwegian side of the border you can use the Norwegian Mapping Authority's tour map Femund 1:100 00 - Elgå 1:50 000, which can be purchased at STF Grövelsjön's Mountain Station.

Bringing your dog on the hike: The area around the Grövelsjö mountains are reindeer pastures where reindeer roam freely during the summers, which means that as a visitor you are required to keep your dog on a leash. Keep in mind that even a well-behaved dog may disturb the reindeer, show respect by keeping your distance. 
New additions starting May 1st 2013 A pet passport is required for bringing Swedish registered dogs into Norway. The Norwegian public authority Mattilsynet has determined that dogs and cats from Sweden need to be dewormed before entering Norway. This is due to the occurrence of dwarf tapeworm in Swedish foxes. As of May 1st 2013, you must, as dog owner, be able to show that your dog has received approved deworming treatment. A veterinarian needs to have performed the deworming and have certified this in the passport.

Read more on rules regarding bringing cats and dogs from Sweden into Norway at


svarthammartjär liten

Excursion tours

There are numerous excursion destinations available in the area during summer.  The mountain pastures of Valdalsbygget and Gutulisätern are surrounded by old alpine forests and offer great opportunities for excursions. The alpine cabins Särbäckenstugan and Oskarstugan on Långfjället mountain provide the opportunity to rest for a while in peace and quiet in case the weather should turn sour. There are windbreaks with fireplaces for grilling at Olån and by Grövlan river near the southern shore of Lake Grövelsjön, where you can also go for a refreshing dip in the lake, perhaps accompanied by the white-throated dipper. Read more about great day trips you can take in the area here>

fjälltur liten

Tours to the tops

The landscape and nature of Grövelsjö mountains varies widely.

Here you'll find everything from easy, accessible low rolling alpine tundra landscapes to more dramatic nountain tops on the Norwegian side of the border. The highest top on the Swedish side, Storvätteshågna (1,204 meters above sea level), lies in the Långfjället nature reserve. There are also several less demanding tops in the nature reserve such as Lillvätteshogna and Eastern and Western Barfredshogna, all lying 1,000 meters above sea level.

On the Norwegian side, there are several tops reaching above 1,200 meters, such as Store Svuku and Gröthågna, both over 1,400 meters, and which can be reached in a singles day from Grövelsjön if you take the boat across the lake. Camping out in tents overnight is recommended. 

There are several excursion possibilities leading from the road west to Norway and Elgå.

Elgåhogna, at 1,460 meters above sea level, offers fantastic views  and wonderful hiking opportunities. Start at Grövelsjön and drive 25 km to Norwegian Dalset and strike out from the parking lot there. Follow along the stream-worn ravine up towards the mountain's slope and follow the waymarked summer trail to the top. 


Guided day trips

Explore new areas of the Grövelsjö mountains that you haven't visited before. 
At STF Grövelsjön's Mountain Station, there are knowledgeable guides that can provide you with tips for excursions in the area. Full day tours with STF Grövelsjön's Mountain Station to Båthusberget.

Every Wednesday from June 20th - September 26th,  2018 (9.30 a.m. - 4 p.m.).

Bookings should be made at least on day in advance by phone: 0046-(0) 253 59 68 80.

Create your own privately guided dream excursion where you customize the plans for yourself.

Price: SEK 3,870 for whole day trips (6-8 hours) and SEK 2,150 for half day trips (3-4 hours)

Booking private guiding should be done before arriving.

Booking phone: +46(0)253- 59 68 80 


Activities with Experience Grövelsjön


Enjoy a very special hike with an experienced guide. The hike will be just as you want it to be. The guide is listening to your wishes and ideas and then you are going to get a very special experience.

At Experience Grövelsjön it is possible to book dayhikes, halvday-hikes or hikes for mre than one day.

For more information about the guided tours, prices and inspiration visit www.experiencegrovelsjon.se

Activities and Courses

Private guided tours, activities and courses

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about guided private tours, activities and courses

Contact at:

info@experiencegrovelsjon.se or +46 (0) 73 826 60 85

More information www.experiencegrovelsjon.se

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Multi-day hikes


On the Swedish side bringing your own food will be necessary if you are heading northeast, the STF cabins with cabin hosts take over after the first stop, and the County Administrative Board cabins at Lake Hävlingen, Hävlingen's Fishing Camp (the hiking cabin is not bookable).

The tour can also be completed with tents, there are plenty of great locations to pitch your tent in the area, as well as prepared resting spots. Read more here>>

Map of the area>> Grövelsjön - Rogen - Norwegian side >>




Foton: Anders Dahlin