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The Grövelsjö Mountains

The natural beauty of the Grövelsjö Mountains alpine forest and tundra environment opens up a wide range of choices where you can make a complete holiday.

When the snow cover arrives, you can find downhill skiing for the whole family at our alpine slopes. The area also offers over 100 km of prepared cross-country training and excursion tracks, and there are marked winter trails for longer tours. Expect a rich offering of activities including children’s activities, combined cross-country skiing and ice fishing, snowmobile tours, or guided and Sami cultural tours.

Summer is the season to enjoy our hiking trails. The terrain is easily accessible and you’ll find plenty of marked trails.

You can also go canoeingfishing, swimming or even pick berries.



fjällbjörk juni

The weather in the Grövelsjö Mountains

WEB camera Grövelsjö Mountains

Watch our WEBCAM camera located up near the Fjällbua Lanthandel store, aimed towards Salsfjellet.

Weather forecast for our vicinity

Visit weather websites YR.no, or SMHI.

You can also follow the weather from our webcam.

Traffic information ’Trafikverket’ – Swedish Transport Administration

Do you want to check on road conditions – real-time road conditions! Trafikverket>>



Grövelsjöfjällen Turistförening-GTF (Grövelsjö Mountain Tourist Association)

Membership in GTF for 2018

GTF is the local non-profit association for everyone interested in supporting tourism in the Grövelsjö Mountains. We depend entirely on membership dues to finance many of our tourism projects in the vicinity.

Read more

You can support us by purchasing our trail badge in the winter or simply by becoming a member!

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kanot liten


vinterledkryssCombine hiking or skiing with other enjoyable activities, find more information at To doMore for Summer and More for Winter.

storsätern-fjällk liten

The Storsäter Chapel

Winter and Spring Evening Music

Music for Winter and Spring Evenings. A variety of musicians visit us to share their music, and occasionally we have a sing-along evening instead.

The schedule is listed on the website below.

Weeks 01, 07 to 16: Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

Summer and Autumn Evening Music

A variety of musicians visit us to share their music, and occasionally we have a sing-along for all to join in. This includes an Evening Prayer. The schedule is listed on the website below.

Weeks 26 - 31 and 36 to 39:

Tuesdays 8 p.m.

Candle light religious service

Along with readings, reflection, and prayer, you have the chance to light a candle for someone, or anything you want (we have a prayer box). Visitors may request psalms for everyone to sing together, so take the chance to sing your favourite psalm!

Weeks 52 to 17: Thursdays 8 p.m.

(Maundy Thursday, see below)

Weeks 26 to 40: Thursdays 8 p.m.

Other church services:

Christmas Day      25 Dec   7 a.m. Christmas morning service

New Years Eve         31 Dec     8   p.m.

New Year prayer

Maundy Thursday     18 April 8  p.m

Maundy Thursday mass, Communion service

Easter Sunday         21 April     8  p.m

Easter Sunday mass, Communion service

More Services and the like are also held at Idre Fjäll and Njupeskär/Fulufjället, see our homepage and leaflets for more information!

For more information on marriages and baptisms visit More for Summer and More for Winter and contact us directly.

For more information contact

Priest Jan Marbenius

Phone: +46 (0)253-59 61 54

Cantor Åke Näslund

Phone: +46 (0)253-59 61 57

Link to Idre-Särna-Congregation

Welcome to Church in the Mountains!



blomster kopiera

Events in Grövelsjö Mountains!

You can find possibilities for your visit at the Grövelsjömountains during the lower season October 7th, 2018 until December 22nd, 2018 here

Welcome to a Christmarket in Grövelsjön

Saturday 15/12 2018 

11 a.m.  - 4 p.m.

Fjällbua: 15 % rabate on all clothes. Win a Christmasham.

Renbiten: reindeermeat and other special offers. Reindeersoup, Santa Claus is coming by with his reindeers.

Christmas market at the Bystugan. Welcome!

Welcome to Grövelfjäll on 16/12 2018   10 am. - 3 p.m.

Skipass, book skilessons and a  more

20 % rabate on skipasses if bought until  31/12 2018.

Werners Värdshus at Grövelfjäll

Julbord 24/12 2018  6 p.m.

Welcome to a trationally Christmas Dinner with family and friends,  more information here.

Welcome and Merry Christmas!

Werners Värdshus at Grövelfjäll

Nyårssupé 31/12 2018  7 p.m.

Finish the year with an evening at Grövelfjäll! New Year´s Eve Dinner with music and dance, more information here.

Welcome and Happy New Year!


Sami culture

For information and

booking contact Renbiten,

Phone: +46(0)70-5779376 or 

+46(0)253-233 30

Renbitens winterprogramme 2018/19 is available to download.

Take a look at Renbiten’s summer programme for 2018


Guided tours

If you don’t want to head

out alone, or if you just

want more information about

the area and trails, you

can come along on the

many guided tours organised each week by the STF Mountain Station Grövelsjön.

For more information on tours contact the STF Mountain Station Grövelsjön, 

phone:+46(0)253-596880 or 

visit their homepage.


Current events & Information

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