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 Grövelsjöfjällen - alla tiders fjäll!

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Skiing for the entire family

Skiing is the natural winter attraction in every form – X-country, trekking, telemark, and alpine. Our accessible snow-covered wilderness varies from valley forests to high alpine terrain, with lifts, groomed x-country tracks, and marked trails offers plenty exceptional choices. We have mountain tops up to 1,200 meters on the Swedish side of the border, and higher and steeper slopes in Norway.

Let yourself be inspired by our winter video Grövelsjöfjällen!

Lean-tos and cabins a located along our trails for visitors who want to take a quiet break from their activities. Our alpine facilities offer something for the entire family to enjoy wonderful winter fun.

Welcome to the family-friendly Grövelsjö Mountains, for skiing enjoyment! 

It is possible to download our 2019 Winter Catalogue here !

led långfjället

X-country tracks and trails

The Grövelsjö mountain region offers 100 kilometres of groomed x-country ski track you can follow out to the high alpine tundra or stay in lower forest areas. We have many more kilometres of marked trails that take you farther afield, where dogs and child trekking sleds are welcome (though not dog sleds)! 

Click here for more information about our x-country-tracks >>

Current track conditions 

Link to track grooming updates here>> 

MAP with colour coded designation for when the track was groomed>>


The weather today: Link to webcamera located at the Fjällbua >>



W 51 Grövelsjön 1:50 000, W 1 Grövelsjön-Lofsdalen 1:100 000.

Ski track map 1:50 000: So we can offer the many excellent, groomed x-country tracks, we ask for your support of our track maintenance operations by buying our maps. It shows the variety of groomed tracks, marked trails and excursions you can chose from in the vicinity. We sell the map for SEK 20 at all facilities and service locations in the area.

Suggested trekking tours here>>


X-country track systems

Most of our groomed tracks are open to both classic and skating styles. We have fitness tracks ranging from 1.25 to 10 km at several locations. We ask that you ski in the direction of the signs: STF Grövelsjö Mountain Station, Storsätra Alpine Hotel, Lövåsgården Mountain Hotel and Björnliden. Lighted tracks lead from Lövåsen to Lappvollen. Our Athletic club tells us that these should be lit from approximately 16 - 22 pm every day.


Excursion and marked winter trails

The area offers many miles of groomed skiing tracks in easy to medium-difficulty alpine terrain where you can bring a child sled or your dog. Winter trails on Långfjället are not groomed, as they are open to both snowmobiles and dogsleds. For more information and suggested trekking tours in un-tracked terrain, feel free to ask at any of our facilities. 

You can also find well-groomed ski tracks in Norway, at Elgå, an approximately 25 km car ride from Grövelsjön. You can experience lovely day trips in this fascinating natural setting. Both groomed tracks and trails. 

Map over ski tracks in Elgå>>



Multi-day tours Grövelsjö-Rogen and to Norway 

You'll find a great variety of possibilities to head out on multi-day tours, where you can stop at cabins or, naturally, pack a tent and fishing gear to take you own winter adventure.

Read about multi-day trips here>> 


"Trail Etiquette" on the tracks

You can help everyone's enjoyment simple safety and courtesy on the tracks. That's why we have a few easy rules we ask you to follow when using these tracks.  

valdalsfjället dagstur

Alpine trekking tours with experienced guide
The STF Grövelsjön Mountain Station organises half-day and whole-day tours with guide throughout the season.

Whole-day tours with waffels: Fridays weeks 52, 1, 4-16

Price: 325:- SEK for STF-members, 425:- SEK for others,

120:- SEK/170:- SEK for children

Hire your own guide: Entire season, 

Price: 3870:- SEK for the whole day, 2150:- SEK for a halv-day-tour

Please feel free to contact us for more information: grovelsjon@stfturist.se

Experience Grövelsjön


Enjoy an organised tour on your terms!

We can offer different tours and activities which you can book for yourself and your friends.

On our homepage you´ll find various prices and difficulties to choose between.

Homepage: www.experiencegrovelsjon.se

Booking: info@experiencegrovelsjon.se  phone: 0046-(0)738-26 60 85

Sweden Runners


Book your own guide for an unforgetable experience

Family, friends and colleagues can book their own guide for the unforgetable experience in the winter mountains. We are moving forward on our ski or snowshoes and we will create the day as you like.

We also offer trips for several days, we will be sleeping in tents or if possible build our own snow caves.

You will be enjoying a very special trip because of our experienced guides. Please feel free to contact us by mail Info@swedenrunners.se or phone: +46 (0)734-255568
Visit even our webbside www.swedenrunners.se


Cross country vacation in Grövelsjön 10 - 13 January 2019

Are you dreaming about to ski the Vasaloppet? Do you want to learn skiing or to improve your skiing skills? However you are going to improve your skills during these few days!
We are working together with Experience Grövelsjön and your skiing coach Björn Jonsson. We are offering group instructions during the mornings and during the afternoons you have the possibility to train on your own or take private lessons with Björn Jonsson.
Please take a look on our webbside:https://swedenrunners.se/skidlager-grovelsjon/
Do not hesitate to contact us: 
or by
phone: +46 (0)734-255568

Several days skiing during a weekend in the Grövelsjö Mountains

11 - 14 April 2019

Do you want to put on your skis, enjoy the unbelievable snow landscape and feel the fresh air? We are going slowly on our ski through the mountains, enjoying the great winterlandscape. Our experienced guides will 

care of you and you can feel safe and secure through the whole journey. After an unbelievable day in the mountains you might enjoy the sauna or the hot tub at the hotel where we are staying.

For further information please do not hesitate to visit our webbside: https://swedenrunners.se/turskidakning-i-grovelsjofjallen/  
Feel free to contact us: 
info@swedenrunners.se or

phone: +46 (0)734-255568

Alpine skiing on family-friendly slopes

The Grövelsjö mountains have a larger alpine ski area at Grövelfjäll and one small area at the STF Grövelsjön Mountain Station. Every slope offers great downhill possibilities and all on natural snow, with plenty of space to skip the crowds.

If you're looking for more challenging slopes and longer pistes, you can try Idre Fjäll that is only an hour away by car.


Grövelfjäll is our largest alpine ski area using exclusively natural snow on fine, well-groomed family-friendly slopes for slalom and telemark. You'll find 8 slopes with a vertical drop of 180 m, where the longest is 1,500.

The lifts are open 9.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. daily (21/12 2018 - 5/1 2019)and 9.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m. daily (31/1 - 22/4 2019)

Whenever you want, just ski down to the restaurant, which offers plenty of choice for food and drinks in a pleasant environment.

Open between 10 a.m. - 4 p. m. every day during 21/12 2018 - 5/1 2019 and between 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. every day during 31/1 - 22/4 2019.

In our main building you find even our ski rental and our shop. You are welcome to test your new equipment! Please meet our ski coach who is looking forward to help you to learn skiing or to improve your skills.

Book your equipment, ski school or just mail your thoughts and questions on our homepage: www.grovelfjall.se

The ski rental and shop remains open 9 am - 4 pm (21/12 2018 - 5/1 2019) and 9 am - 5 pm (31/1 - 22/4 2019).



with 2 slopes and one lift with a vertical drop of 650 m.

Please check our opening hours on our webside Lovaslisten.n.nu

Attention! You will have the possibility to ski on our lighted lopes on some afternoons during the season (please check on our webside)

Ski school

No matter if you are young or old, experienced or not - you can take lessons to improve your skills. You can participate in groups or have individual lessons.


In our main building you find our ski rental and our shop. You are welcome to test your new equipment! Please meet our ski coach who is looking forward to help you to learn skiing or to improve your skills.

Book your equipment, ski school or just mail your thoughts and questions on our homepage: www.grovelfjall.se or call phone: ++46 (0)70-230 00 03


STF Grövelsjön Mountain Station

Private lessons in cross-country weeks 52, 1, 4 - 16

695:- SEK for 75 minutes + 200:- SEK for each extra one who is participate

For more information and booking please contact the STF Grövelsjön Mountain Station, phone: 0046-253-596 880 or email grovelsjon@stfturist.se

Experience Grövelsjön  


Offers private lessons with a certificate cross-country coach.

Every day:

Price: 895:-/hour for 1 - 2 persons and 300:- for every further person

Homepage: www.experiencegrovelsjon.se  

Booking: info@experiencegrovelsjon.se phone: 0046-(0)738-26 60 85


skidlekis vinter

Children's and youth activities

Winter fun and games in the mountains!

The STF Grövelsjön Mountain Station arranges many activities for the whole family and other arrangements during the year, and although to the  Midwinter and Easter Holidays.

You can contact us for more information about arrangements by mail


Ski rental


You can arrive in the mountains without skiing gear, but you can still find everything you may need for the perfect alpine winter holiday.



We have opened our skirental and our skishop at the beginning of winter 2015/2016. Here you can find the newest equipment for x-country and alpine. We have a lot of experience within the skiing section and hope to provide you with the best service you can get.

If you want to buy skiing equipment it is possible to prove the equipment before you will buy it. All we need and want is a satisfied customer!

Take the chance to prebook your equipment before your arrival.

Welcome to our homepage www.fjallbua.se or call 0046-(0)253-23010.




In our main building you find our ski rental and our shop. You are welcome to test your new equipment! Please feel free to try our alpine, x-country, snowboards and much more equipment.

Book your equipment or just mail your thoughts and questions on our homepage: www.grovelfjall.se

Do not hesitate to call us, phone: 0046-(0)253 23 000

The ski rental and shop remains open 9 am - 4 pm (22/12 2017 - 8/1 2018) and 9 am - 5 pm (1/2 - 14/4 2018)


STF Grövelsjön Mountain Station

Rentals for winter activities: x-country, alpine, snow shoes, backpacks, mountain toboggans, travel bags, bivy bags, spades, climbing skins, anoraks, gaiters, and more. You can also rent child carriers, tents, sleeping bags, ground sheets, thermoses, primus stoves, and most all your needs. We even rent jigging rods, and ice augurs.

You can book your equipment in advance by mailing to grovelsjon@stfturist.se.

If we don't have what you're looking for, you can buy it in the shop, which also stocks camping provisions, hiking gear, clothes, and more. +46 (0) 253 596 890.


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