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 Grövelsjöfjällen - alla tiders fjäll!

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More for the Summer

The Grövelsjö mountains are the gateway to the Swedish alpine tundra environment!

In addition to great hiking opportunities, you can go canoeing on Lake Grövelsjö and other nearby lakes, and fish in small mountain lakes, rivers, streams. Rent a rowboat, or cross Lake Grövelsjö's waters in M/S Sylöra to the mountain farm Sylen on the lake's roadless northern, Norwgian, side. Then hike back across the mountains in the footsteps of the 18th century botanist Carolous Linneaus.  Here you have the chance to see hundreds of reindeer roam by, both in massive herds or in small groups on the mountainside. For a brief period in late summer the area is rich in blueberries, lingon berries, and cloud berries. Or, if you want to meet new acquaintances for a few days you can participate in one of the Swedish Tourist Association's (STF's) themed weeks. If anyone in the family likes to play golf there is an 18 hole golf course in nearby Idre, which has been selected as Sweden's most beautiful golf course!

The Grövelsjö mountains have something  for nature lovers of all ages!

Please download our summerbroschure  2018!


Up here you are never far from a refreshing dip in fresh water. Swim at the southern end of Lake Grövelsjön or in one of the smaller lakes on Långfjället. The larger Lake Femunden in the west has several great beaches and  Fjellguttusjoen, just on the other side of the Norwegian border, has a fantastic, long sandy beach.  


singel med barn

Swedish hot tubs

Relax both summer and winter in a Swedish hot tub with a beautiful view of the mountains. Included for guests but also available for booking by other visitors.

Lövasgårdens Fjällhotell:

phone 0046 (0)253-290 29 or info@lovasgarden.se

Storsätra Fjällhotell:

Great relax/spa facility next to Grövlan river with separate-gender saunas and an eleven person Swedish hot tub. Ladder for access to the refreshing waters of Grövlan river. Gathering room with a fireplace. Fully licensed bar.

Available for private booking every evening from 6-9pm.

Book via phone:0046 (0)253-231 50.



Do you dream of having your wedding in the mountains? Religious or civil wedding ceremony? In the chapel in Storsätern, on a mountain top or on the shore of lake Grövelsön? Regardless of your choice, you'll be surrounded by beautiful alpine tundra wilderness.

Contact and other information:

Ann-Sofie Näslund (vicar) phone:0046-(0)253-59 61 53

link to Idre-Särna-congregation

or (civil marriage officiant)

Barbara Frilund-Ekberg 0046-(0)253-59 68 80

link to Grövelsjön´s Mountain station,

Helena Andersson 0046-(0)253-233 30 or

Lars Ericsson 0046-(0)253-231 50

link to Storsätra Mountain Hotel


Bicycle tour combined with boating trips

Experience the mountains on two wheels.

An extensive road network takes you out into our alpine tundra environment. Go on multi-day biking trips such as the "Femund Tour" with the boat Femund II taking you across the lake, or the "Idre Tour", about 110 km long, via Grövelsjön-Valdalen-Sorken-Drevsjö-Idre-Grövelsjön.

Link to boat traffic information>>


Rent a bicycle at STF Grövelsjön's Mountain station, book by phone at: 0046-(0)253-58 68 80

Jotli Outdoors Museum
The natural and cultural area of Jotli, with meadows and a traditional mountain farmstead. At the mountain farmstead, you can stroll among the old timber buildings and sheds that represent 19th century farming life in the area. Here you'll also find a unique fulling mill. During the summer season a café is open in one of the buildings at the museum. Follow us on facebook "Fjällbondegården Jotli".

Guided tours among the unique buildings are held on Thursdays at 4pm from the end of June to the end of September.
SEK 100 per person, members and children under 15 enter free.
Guided visits at other times can be arranged via booking. Call Elvin Persson at 0046-(0)253-23300.

Jotli Day in Storsätern on Friday 27th of July from 11am - 16pm 

Also have a look at the Noteworthy tab.


Canoe and Row Boat rental

Go canoeing in Lake Grövelsjö and the Hävling lake system to the east. Grövlan river is too shallow to traverse, but there are greater challenges in Norway's second largest lake, Femunden, as well as the Hävlingen and Rogen lakes.  

Sjöstugan, row boats and canoes in Grövelsjön. Phone: 0046-(0)253-230 45.

STF Grövelsjön's Mountain Station, canoes in lake Grövelsjön and Hävlingen.

Phone: 0046-(0)253-596 880

Lake Hävlingen, approximately 13 km northeast of Lake Grövelsjö along  Södra Kungsleden, a national hiking trail that stretches a total of 340 km, in close proximity to Töfsingedalen's nature reserve. You can rent canoes and boats at this camp in the wilderness. There are great spots to pitch your tent in the area, and by the cabins along Hävlingen, there is a hikers cabin (non-bookable).   

Cabin host present from 6/6 to 31/8/2016. Phone: 0046-(0)253-201 15, 0046-(0)10-401 13 36

During the off-season contact the County Administrative Board in Falun, Phone: 0046-(0)23-813 02


kanot liten

Alpine pasture

Valdalsbygget, an active and maintained alpine pasture chalet or farmer’s hut. Approximately 500 m before reaching the Norwegian border on the road towards Elgå there is a parking lot, and from there a waymarked trail leads through serene birch forests full of ancient snags.


Still actively kept mountain pasture

Lomviksgården, at lake Flötningsjön near the border to Norway in Northern Dalarna is a listed building leased by Dalarna Femund Forkörarförening. The farmstead is still run in the old way, functioning as a living museum, complete with horses and old tools. Open during the summer on Friday's through Sundays in July, or other times if arranged beforehand. Signs leading to it from RV 70 between Drevsjö and Idre.

Link to webpage here>>


Grövelsjön Alpacka


Open from July 3rd until September 29th, 2018

Wednesdays - Saturdays  9.30 a.m.

(approx. 2 hours walk)

Hiking tour with the alpackas: each guest is leading his own alpacka (needs to be booked in advance)

Min. 2 pers/animal, price from 700:- SEK.

Bookning by phone 0046-70 6805325 (Beate Hertenstein).


Experience Sami culture!

Experiencing Sami culture is both exciting and unique! It's easy to get the "reindeer bug" when listening to stories about the Sami and their history. Sami have been active in the Grövelsjön area since time immemorial. Peter and Helena Andersson run Renbiten together, where they combine keeping reindeer with making their own reindeer products, running a small store and café, and providing visitors with a chance to experience Sami culture.

Sitting in a goahti, the original Sami dwelling made of timber and peat moss, enjoying Sami cuisine, or throwing a lasso is an adventure for the whole family. During summer, several hiking tours and other events are organised.

In the store, you'll find self-produced reindeer meat, exclusive Sami handicraft and art, and many souvenirs that make great presents. Here you can also enjoy freshly baked bread and Sami coffee.

rengärde grötavall

For further information about activities available during the summer of 2018 read more here or contact Renbiten at: 0046-(0)253-233 30 or

0046-(0)70-577 93 76,

email: info@renbiten.se, or visit their webpage>>

Hike together! 

STF Grövelsjön's Mountain Station offers several package deals with varying focus, all based on hiking.

These include family activities, dog training courses, photography courses, or simply hiking up the mountains.

Read more about their hiking tours and other arrangements during the year here>>>.


All year round

Create your dream tour with Experience Grövelsjön!

Do you want to do something extra special?

Are you a group that wants to fulfil a shared dream?

With contracted special skills at your side you have a shortcut to the best experiences the Grövelsjö mountains have to offer.


Contact: info@experiencegrovelsjon.se

phone: +46 (0) 73 826 60 85

Visit Naturum Fulufjället &
Swedens highest waterfall at 93 m free fall

Naturum opening times 2018:


All days from 10am - 5pm (closed on Midsummer's day, 22 June)

July - August

All days 9 am - 6 pm


All days 10 am - 5 pm

October 27th - November 4th at 10 am - 4 pm

Guided tours every day 10.30 am (July - August) to Old Tjikko, the oldest tree of the world

Link to webpage here >>


Excursions by car 

Read more about suggested day trips that can be reached within two hours by car,  on both the Swedish and Norwegian side of the border. If you want more inspiration for you own trips, and learn more about points of interest and local history you can buy the book "Grövelsjöfjällen - Gränslösa fjäll" at one of our service providers in the area. 

Read more here>  





Foton: Anders Dahlin