STF Rogen Mountain cabin

The Swedish Tourist Association’s cabin is beautifully situated on a naze in Lake Rogen.

A 17 km hike from STF Storrödtjärn or STF Skedbro. The area around the lake is a mosaic of winding small lakes, capes and isthmus, a great place for canoing and fishing. Here you stay at a classic mountain cabin along with other hikers. The cabin has neither electricity nor running water. You can not book accommodation but are welcome to prepay your stay antigen via the website or at STF Grövelsjön fjällstation. STF Rogen offers simpler supplies in its shop. Here you can pay by card or cash.

Learn more at: www.svenska turistföreningen-grovelsjonrogenomradet/

For more information contact STF Customer Service, Telephone: +46 (0)8 463 21 00 E-mail: