M/S Sylöra

M/S Sylöra traffics lake Grövelsjön from Sjöstugan in the southern end and Sylen in the northern end. Hike along the Linnaeus trail, and take the boat back Or the other way around!.

Restrictions due to Covid-19

The border to Norway is closed, but we are allowed to take passengers over the lake to Sylen. It is then permitted to hike back to Sjöstugan. It is also permitted to hike Sylen – Hävlingen

It is not permitted to hike further in to Norway.

On-board the boat we follow the Public Health Authorities recommendations in regard to hygiene and distancing.

  • We limit the number of passengers to 10, in order to maintain required distance to each-other.
  • You are not allowed on-board if you show any symptoms.
  • All passengers will be informed of the current restrictions.
  • All passengers including the captain are required to disinfect their hands before boarding the boat

Card or Swish payment only. The card terminal is disinfected between each user.

Departures every day during the summer season

Booking required! Telephone: +46 (0)70 336 25 80