Storvätteshågna, ca 20 km

Storvätteshågna, Dalarna’s highest mountain 1 204 m.a.s.l.

Storvätteshogna,or the “Grate Goblins Mountian” has a Sami name, Gealta which simply means “The Peak”

9 km east of Grövelsjön Easy hiking along well marked trails from Grövelsjön or Lövåsen. The hike offers open mountain views. Just before the climb to the summit, you’ll find the lake Fosksjön, a small mountain lake good for a refreshing swim on a warm summers day.

Take the trail over the bridge and continue on towards the summit, ca 3 km. Before you reach the highest point you find the natural pond Santessons tjärn. Alternate route back, take the longer trail south through the Foskådalen Vally. Turn west towards Oscarsstugan or Blåkläppen over unmarked heaths.

Day hike, 19-21 km