Blåkläppen/Oskarsstugan, 5 – 15 km

Accessible mountain and fantastic view over river Grövlan and the Norwegian Mountains.

Follow the marked trail towards Storvätteshogna until you reach the open mountain. Leave the trail and hike south to Blåkläppen.

You can drive to the summer car park at the top of Nordfjellsvägen, where you follow the trail towards Storvätteshogna about 1 km, then leave the trail and hike south.

Hike to the peak, around the mountain or along the mountain heath as far as you like.

Here you find the mountain Västra Barfredshogna and the shelter Oscarsstugan. You can also hike to Oscarsstugan from Lövåsgården, an easy hike over lowly heaths and the possibility to climb nearby peaks. Follow the summer trail towards Västra Barfredshogna and Östra Barfredshogna