Långfjället Nature Reserve

A great part of the Grövelsjön Mountains surrounding the Gröveldal Vally is included in the Långfjället Nature Reserve, one of Sweden’s largest. The highest peek is Storvätteshogna, at 1204 m.a s. l. and the highest point in Dalarna The area is part of Idre Same village, and reindeer grazing ground, which makes the reindeer a frequent sight during the summer months.

Areas of pure primeval forest without traces of forestry can be found in the Nature Reserve. Common birds found here are grouse, golden plover, meadow pipit and northern wheatear. You also find Siberian jays and greenshanks. And along the streams and rivers the dipper is a common sight. You can also encounter moose, foxes, martens and brown bears.

The area is historically a good fishing spot. With a plenty of fish in lakes and streams Common species are trout, char, harling, whitefish, perch and pike. With the Dala Fjällfiske fishing permit you may fish all waterways with in the Långfjället Nature Reserve, with exception of the quoted fly fishing in Storån, and some privet lakes.

Learn more at: www.lansstyrelsen.se/dalarna/langfjallet