Oscarsstugan/Långfjället, ca 15 km round trip

A route that mainly takes you over open mountain terrain in Långfjället Nature Reserve.

The rout follows a marked winter trail, but a map and compass is recommended. Be sure to find out weather conditions and any avalanche risk before you leave. Leave a message containing your pained route with a family member or friend. You can use The Mountain Safety app.

Recommended equipment:

  • Back Country Skies with steel rim
  • Skins
  • Wind-sack
  • Spade
  • Map and compass
  • Sleeping mat
  • A warm sweater for the lunch break
  • First Aid kit
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses

An easy route to the little shelter in the middle of the open mountain, the route offers butiful views and the possibility to climb nearby mountaintops for example Östra Barfredshogna that’ll give you a beautiful view of the Norwegian mountains and Gröveldalen.
Start from Lövåsen: Follow the marked winter trail and the sign to Storvätteshogna. Reaching Långfjället, the trail splits at Östra Barfredhogna, follow the route to the left, north to Oscarsstugan.
Start at Grövelsjöns Fjällstation: Follow the sign and marked winter trail to Storvätteshogna. A steep climb in the beginning, after ca 2,5 km the trail splits and the steepness flattens out. Turn south and follow the winter trail to the shelter at Oscarsstugan.

Or From Huskläppen aim for Barfredhogna, this is not a marked trail.