Ski Tracks in Grövelsjön

Welcome to 100 km of prepared ski tracks through beautiful mountain forest and open mountainsides.

Grövelsjöfjällen offers fantastic opportunities for cross country skiing along prepared ski tracks in natural snow. The area is known to have snow for a greater part of the season, from early December to May, and offers the perfect combination of classical skiing and Back country skiing. The entire area around Grövelsjön and Lövåsen is connected by ski tracks, where the excursion tracks provides the opportunity to bring your dog, leashed, and child in a pulk.

Exercise tracks between 1,25 and 10 km, can be found at Lövåsgården Mountain hotel Storsätra Mountain Hotel, Björnliden Mountain Village and at STF Grövelsjön Mountain Station. Between Lövåsen and Lappvollen, ca 2,4 km, there is an illuminated ski track

A majority if the tracks offers both tracks for classical skiing as well as skating. The exercise tracks are skied to the left, (clockwise) Be sure to show consideration in the track.

Grövelsjön Fjällen Turistförening, GTF, maintains the ski tracks in cooperation with the facilities in the area. To a cost of ca 1 000 000 kr/season. Therefore, all contributions to the organization are needed. And you need a Ski pass to use the ski tracks, both in the exercise tracks and in the excursion tracks.

As a member of GTF, you can buy a season pass to reduced cost. Learn more at: Medlemskap och spårmärken

You can buy your ski pass and a map at all facilities in the area, as well as Fjällbua, Renbiten and Grövelfjäll. Ta del av våra trivselregler innan du ger dig ut i spåret Take part of our code of conduct, before you hit the tracks.

The tracks are prepared daily during season, for current status visit längdspå During some weather and snow conditions, preparing the tracks is not vise, it’s better to leave the snow and wait for better conditions. Therefore you may experience tracks less then optimal

If you wish to leave comments of the tracks condition or see something that needs to be addressed, contact us at

As soon as the conditions change, we start preparing the tracks This may cause vehicles to be present in the tracks during all hours.

If you go out in the dark, wear a reflective vest to be clearly visible.

In the event of an accident in the ski track, call 112 and ask the mountain rescue!Feel free to use the SOS alarms app, a GPS position is automatically sent to the rescue service.