Storvätteshogna, ca 18-24 km round trip

Beautiful mountain hike to the “Roof of Dalarna” Svealand’s highest top at 1204 m.a.s.l. Storvätteshogna is called Gealta in the South-Sami language, meaning simply The Top.

The route can be made by going the same way back, ca 18 km, or a longer route via Oscarsstugan, ca 25 km.

The route follows a marked winter trail. Map and compass is recommended Be sure to find out weather conditions and any avalanche risk before you leave. Leave a message containing your pained route with a family member or friend. You can use The Mountain Safety app.

Recommended equipment:

  • Back Country Skies with steel rim
  • Skins
  • Wind-sack
  • Spade
  • Map and compass
  • Sleeping mat
  • A warm sweater for the lunch break
  • First Aid kit
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses

Start at STF Grövelsjön, and follow the marked winter trail up to Långfjället, A steep climb of 260 vertical meters before you reach Långfjällets summit Here the trail turns down towards Fosksjöarna at ca 900 m.a.s.l. A steep climb again for ca 3 km and 300 vertical meters to the top of Storvätteshogna.

You can chose to go the same way down, traversing is recommended here since the slope is steep. Or you can take the trail south towards Lövåsen After ca 2, 5 km the trail splits, follow the trail to the north, signs for Oscarsstugan, ca 2 km. Oscarsstugan gives the perfect excuse for a break to fill up with some new energy in form of a “Fika” Oscarsstugan is open for everyone and has a small wood-burner From Oscarsstugan it’s ca 7 km back to STF Grövelsjön.

The route can be made from Lövåsen, round trip ca 16 km. Or via Oscarsstugan 20 km