The Village Ski-track, ca 16,5 km

An family excursion or a longer exercise round in prepared ski-tracks

In prepared ski-tracks, a ski-pass is required. These can be purchased at all facilities in the area. In the Excursion-tracks you may ski with a pulk. Leashed dogs are welcome, with the exception of dog-sledges

For current track status see längdspå

Ta del av våra trivselregler innan du ger dig ut i spåret

The Route can be started at any of the facilities in the area The route follows prepared tracks for classical skiing as well as skating. Make it a all day excursion for the family or a longer exercise round.

The route passes the village Storsätern, Lövåsgården Mountain Hotel, Grövelfjäll, STF Grövelsjön Mountain Station, Sjöstugan, Västerbäcken and Storsätra Mountain Hotel.

If you’d like to make the route shorter, you can, if starting at Lövåsen turn towards Storsätern as you pass Grövelfjäll, ca 12 km Starting at Sjöstugan/STF Grövelsjön, you can turn towards Storsätern, ca 1,5 km from Grövelfjäll, 12 km in total

A short part of the route is also open for snow mobiles in a separate track parallel to the ski-track.

In Storsätern the track passes behind Fjällbua, a suitable detour for provisioning.