Track fees in Grövelsjöfjällen

Grövelsjöfjällen offers fantastic skiing along about 100 km of prepared ski trails. To use the track system, you need a ski-pass. You can buy your ski pass and a map at all facilities in the area, as well as Fjällbua, Renbiten and Grövelfjäll. Before you hit the tracks take part of our code of conduct.

Grövelsjön Fjällen Turistförening, GTF, maintains the ski tracks in cooperation with the facilities in the area. To a cost of ca 1 000 000 kr/season. Therefore, all contributions to the organization are needed. You need a Ski pass to use the ski tracks, both in the exercise tracks and in the excursion tracks.

As a member of GTF, you can buy a season pass to reduced cost. Learn more at: Medlemskap och spårmärken