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Where Dalarna meets Norway, you find Sweden’s southernmost mountains, in the boundless area of Grövelsjöfjällen Grövelsjön is situated 38 km north of Idre, there are daily buses from Mora (ca 3,5 hours).

Traveling time with train and bus from Stockholm, ca 8 hours, from Gothenburg ca 12 hours and from Malmö ca 20 hours.
Distance 490 km from Stockholm, 600 km from Gothenburg, 330 km from Oslo, 430 km from Örebro, 380 km from Sundsvall, 200 km from Mora.


You travel easiest by car. But you can comfortably travel with train to Mora and then bus to Grövelsjön.
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SJ +46 (0)771-75 75 75, book your train ticket Enter destination Grövelsjön.
Bus from Mora to Grövelsjön ca 3,5 hours:

Dalatrafik customer service: +46 (0)771-95 95 95
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Car rental

Mora: Avis +46 (0)250-167 11, Statoil +46 (0)250-109 84, OKQ8 +46 (0)250-143 00.
Idre: Avis +46 (0)253-201 12

Grövelsjöfjällen is located in the northern Dalarna, Sweden’s southernmost Mountains. Nearest alpine ski resort is Idre Fjäll, ca 50 min by car.