About GTF

Grövelsjöfjällen Tourist Association is a non-profit association formed in 1983 at the initiative of the local tourism companies to promote tourism in Grövelsjöfjällen. The association’s activities are financed by the members’ annual fee. Today, ca 400 companies, cabin owners and private individuals are members of the association. It is hoped that this figure will increase in the coming years as more people feel a growing commitment to the association’s quest to develop Grövelsjöfjällen into an attractive tourist destination

The Board is represented by the local industry and local residents. GTF’s annual meeting is always held on January 3rd in Bystugan at. 16:00, when members and non-members are warmly welcome to attend.

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Part of the association’s financing also comes from local companies, local residents and cabin owners in the form of contributions designated for the ski tracks, a contribution that preferably will cover the maintenance of our 100 km long ski track system.

If you are a resident, entrepreneur or holiday home owner in Grövelsjöfjällen and not a member today, contact Grövelsjöfjällen Tourist Association for more information, info@grovelsjon.com

Membership 400 SEK/ household

Pay the required fee to the plus giro: 4817853-7. If you pay from abroad you ad IBAN SE51 9500 0099 6026 4817 8537 and BIC NDEASESS

What does GTF do?

Development of tourism in the area.
GTF has repeatedly contacted the County Administrative Board regarding the need for a review of wind shelters and trails and the need for a new summer trail Lappvollen – Oskarstugan with connection to the trail to Lövåsen / Storvätteshogna.
The association has representatives from several important organizations, including the Northern Dalarna Tourist Board and “LEADER” Södra Fjällen for development of the southern mountain area. GTF is responsible for updating and developing the official website www.grovelsjon.com
The association coordinates printed material and advertising, handles reporting to skidspar.se. Produces maps over ski tracks and ski passes, the proceeds from this sale goes in full to the maintenance of the ski tracks. Our ski track maps were revised in 2012.
GTF administers the preparing of ski tracks through the local track maintenance staff who manage the ski tracks with financial support from facilities and other GTF members.

GTF:s board 2022

Björn Jonsson
Maria Halvarsson
Anders Doverskog
Lars Svanerud 
Göran Nylund
Catharina Schlyter

Additional members: Rolf Erikson, Hans Segerhjelm, Lotta Kindlund, Tobias Korssjön

Goals and visions

To increase the number of visitors in Sweden’s southernmost mountain area, achieve by:
* Preserving and developing the area’s ski and hiking trails.
* Create new excursion destinations and activities.
* Improve the opportunities for walking in the immediate area.
* Generate good quality throughout the area; good accommodation, good food, friendly attitude, clean and tidy.
* Promote collaboration with various stakeholders in the area to create effective joint marketing.


If you have questions or comments regarding the ski tracks, please email skidspar@grovelsjon.com

For questions or comments that do not regard the ski tracks please email info@grovelsjon.com.