Töfsingdalen National Park

In Långfjällets Nature Reserve you also find the National Park Töfsingdalen, together they stretch over a large part of northern Dalarna. An austere land with miles of unexploited nature. There are no roads in the area but there are well marked trails from Grövelsjön and Lövåsen. By the lake Töfsingen you find a small shelter.

Töfsingdalen National Park is one of the smallest National Parks, and probably the least visited, in Sweden The area has a high value of primeval pine forest and possibly the most impassible nature Sweden can upbring. But the area is not just bolder terrain, difficult to hike. The river Töfsingån runs straight through the National Park, and in contrast to the austere bolder terrain, lush flora with herbs and huge ferns grows in some areas.

The National Park is partly difficult to hike, and you are vise to keep to the trails. Accommodation can be found outside the park at Hävlingen Fishing Camp. Camping inside the park is permitted at assigned spots with in a zone of 600 meters from the river Storån and lake Töfsingen.

Learn more at: www.sverigesnationalparker.se/tofsingdalens-nationalpark/